Happy Veggies

Your usual vegetarian Chinese place, with a plethora of options.


Happy Veggies.

After getting the child for his karate class and wandering around a bit, one of these past Saturdays, we came here for lunch.

The staff didn’t speak English and we haven’t bothered learning Cantonese. Or even Mandarin, for that matter. But that wasn’t an issue here. How intelligent was the menu, to nit pick and customize, without having to go to Google Translate!


Dumplings, we got the laska soup ones. While the dumplings were great on their own, the soup was a miss. Not rich enough, not tasty enough.

Vegetarian noodle stir fry with soy sauce for the child. Classic. Simple. Little to go wrong.

We also got the tofu eggplant hot pot. The tofu was soft and succulent and so was the eggplant. And the beans were perfectly tender, melt in mouth. The sauce was very palatable. A good mix of sweet, salt. Spicier would’ve been nice.

IMG_20180127_124116 IMG_20180127_124121_Bokeh IMG_20180127_124127_Bokeh
IMG_20180127_124210 IMG_20180127_124215
IMG_20180127_124231_Bokeh IMG_20180127_124237_Bokeh
IMG_20180127_124427_Bokeh IMG_20180127_124422_Bokeh
IMG_20180127_124445_Bokeh IMG_20180127_124457


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