Restaurant Near Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

IMG_20171222_130951 I don’t know the name of this shop. The peeps were hungry after the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep run, so we roamed around in a bid to find food.

We might’ve turned around, but co-incidentally found our English speaking lady driver at this shop. She spoke to shopkeeper who dished out freshly made pad thai and pad see eww for us.

The pad thai was so good that it was gone in no time. We wrapped up the pad see eww for later, and it tasted yummier in the evening.

We asked for big plates, and they were big portions. IMG_20171222_125705
IMG_20171222_125707 IMG_20171222_125711
IMG_20171222_130244 IMG_20171222_130247
IMG_20171222_130250 IMG_20171222_130403
IMG_20171222_130407 IMG_20171222_130409
IMG_20171222_130411 IMG_20171222_130513
IMG_20171222_130938 IMG_20171222_130945


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