D Bistro by Deck 1

IMG_20171222_190502 We happened to chance upon this place, it looked and the others decided to eat here. I would’ve preferred something more local, but the others didn’t seem much up for it. Singapore Sling to begin with. IMG_20171222_185504
IMG_20171222_185604 IMG_20171222_185607

The kids ordered (the sisters-in-law) french fries :/

IMG_20171222_190410 IMG_20171222_190420

A fried rice for them kids, again, no kidding.

IMG_20171222_190453 IMG_20171222_190502
IMG_20171222_190512 IMG_20171222_190519

Waffles for the real child. No, not the husband.
IMG_20171222_190854 IMG_20171222_190856

Dessert for me.
IMG_20171222_194006 IMG_20171222_194010
IMG_20171222_194021 IMG_20171222_194026
IMG_20171222_194045 IMG_20171222_194053

Pancakes for them kids.
IMG_20171222_194444 IMG_20171222_200826


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