Bawarchi Delight

This was the final lunch at Ao Nang. And the hubster got to pick between Thai and Indian, so Indian it was.


I told the server to get me the cocktail in an instagram-worthy glass. He said, and I quote, “Don’t worry. We serve it in exquisite glasses. You will love it.” And this is the glass he got. Not sure why he thought I’d find it exquisite!?


The meal included chana masala (chole), mixed vegetables curry, dal tadka, rotis, parathas and jeera rice.

The food did not disappoint. However, I can’t get over the ‘exquisite’ cocktail glass :/

IMG_20171221_123330 IMG_20171221_123334
IMG_20171221_123334 IMG_20171221_123349
IMG_20171221_123430 IMG_20171221_123440_Bokeh
IMG_20171221_123455_Bokeh IMG_20171221_123515
IMG_20171221_124505 IMG_20171221_124510
IMG_20171221_124554 IMG_20171221_124626
IMG_20171221_124648 IMG_20171221_124637


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