Mama Kitchen

Just a neighbourhood restaurant where we went because our first preference was booked. Second night in a row. And this place showed proper vegetarian options.

IMG_20171219_191548 Our meal included banana pancakes, french fries, green curry, another curry that tasted like it had that Singapore noodles curry taste, a pad kee mao a la stir fry. IMG_20171219_190638 IMG_20171219_190642 IMG_20171219_190650 IMG_20171219_190707 IMG_20171219_190848 IMG_20171219_190854 IMG_20171219_191139 IMG_20171219_191147 IMG_20171219_191151 IMG_20171219_191208 IMG_20171219_191211 IMG_20171219_191226 IMG_20171219_191248 IMG_20171219_191257 IMG_20171219_191544


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