We stopped here for a quick bite when the in-laws were visiting. It’s a fast slow food kind of a place. Quick bites, but healthy. And you get a big or small platter, based on what all you want.

The hubster ordered for us all, and it did feel healthy. Taste was decent enough. We tried their bitter melon salad, broccoli rice, eggplant lasagna, wild rice. The platter comes with a drink, which was a sparkling rose / herbs drink and an iced soy milk tea.

The bitter melon salad didn’t fancy anyone, so I finished the healthy stuff 🙂

The eggplant lasagna was layered with tomato sauce, a bit under seasoned but not bad. The broccoli was crumbled and served cold, topped with pine nuts. The wild rice was perfectly cooked.

We also tried a sweet / sour sauce that came with eggs (for the hubster). The sauce was tasty, I skipped the eggs.
IMG_20170904_183122 IMG_20170904_183139
IMG_20170904_183144 IMG_20170904_184214
IMG_20170904_184220 IMG_20170904_184231
IMG_20170904_184233 IMG_20170904_184235
IMG_20170904_184240 IMG_20170904_184254
IMG_20170904_184301 IMG_20170904_190938


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