Po Lin Monastery Restaurant

After walking up the stairs on a humid day to Tian Tan Buddha, we went for our meal at the Po Lin Monastery Restaurant.

We ordered two regular lunches. It sufficed between us four adults and a child. One corn, green peas, tofu and mushrooms saucy-ish stir fry. Another celery, capsicums and hard gluten / soy protein stir fry. Another one of collard greens and mushrooms. Spring rolls. Rice plenty. And a bowl of soup – probably the water in which red beans were boiled.

The deluxe platter would’ve included a couple of more dishes.

The spring rolls with taro or some other root vegetables was nice, crisp and filling. The celery stir fry and the greens and mushrooms stir fry were good. There’s little to go bad in those. The corn dish, I didn’t care for much. The soup was bland, non existential salt and a mushy root that was even blander when boiled. Thanks to the spicy sauce and soy sauce there, we mealed up.

There were snacks outside, in a canteen like thing. While we weren’t hungry enough, we tried their coconut fruit jelly, which was OK. Not too sweet, which was good but not too much coconutty, which was not enough for me 🙂


IMG_20170902_132851 IMG_20170902_132858
IMG_20170902_133220 IMG_20170902_133223
IMG_20170902_141343 IMG_20170902_141351


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