Heritage Hallstatt Restaurant

Heritage Hallstatt Restaurant was my first dinner during my trip to Eastern Europe last July.

It was supposed to be a three course dinner but I was so full after my entree that I asked to skip dessert. Extremely unlike me, but I was by myself and I don’t like wasting food. I guess even the host and server were surprised when I asked them to cancel it.

They accommodated my vegetarian request very nicely. It’s been over a year and the notes I’d made while eating are gone with my iPhone (unless I’m able to recover it, in which case I’ll update here), but can’t recollect what the soup was. Most likely, cream of zucchini. Topped with chives. It was very rich with butter and cream and hence filling. The taste was great, but I couldn’t tell the vegetable as it was taken over by the butter / cream sauce base. Chunks of sundried tomatoes added the meatiness to the soup.

For my main course, they had a big plate of ratatouille, with polenta, garnished with micro-greens. The vegetables were nicely done and the polenta was too good, soft insides and browned exterior.

This, being downed with a nice glass of red wine to gorgeous views. It was a perfect dinner.

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