Soranoiro was relatively close to our hotel. And that Monday being a lazy Monday, after cleaning up / organizing the suitcases a bit, I took the child for a little stroll in the PM. We visited St. Ignatius Catholic Church and then the hubster joined from work and we just tried looking up some vegetarian friendly place close by and found this.

It was quick and easy. You order on a vending machine like thing and they get it to you. They had a two vegetarian / vegan ramen options marked clearly on the menu, so there was no worry on whether the broth had any animal based products and what not.

Taste wise, it was alright. They felt like rice noodles, even though that wasn’t what we ordered. But we couldn’t have asked for more. We sided the ramen dishes with a green tea smoothie and whisky / soda.

The child was asleep for the most part of our meal, and then we tried to wake him up towards the end. He was jet lagged and didn’t bother to eat. And you must know one thing for the places here – like credit cards, not all places will box your meals to go. And I wasn’t carrying a box, like I usually do, for the child. So we had no choice but to try and feed him there. Not fun. Not to a tired, sleepy toddler.

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