Garb Central



Garb Central(ガーブ セントラル) was our first dinner spot in Tokyo. After lunch and park time at Hinokicho around Roppongi, we came back to the hotel and slept (we were jet lagged). Getting up was extremely difficult and I had a tough time waking up the child and the husband. But we managed to be out around 7:45 PM, and went downstairs to grab a quick bite, lest we be hungry later at night.

They had a little salad as a vegetarian option and they could do a spaghetti pasta without meat and fish. An herbal tea and bread on the side. It was a small meal.

The spaghetti was good, but spicy for the child and we had a tough time getting him to eat it.

On asking if we could get it boxed, they said that they couldn’t – something not uncommon in Japan. So, we spent a few more minutes that felt like hours coaxing the child to eat some.

After futile attempts, we gave up, only to realize it was 10:15 already 🙂

So, we retired back to our hotel room for the day. The child wasn’t ready to sleep until after midnight!

The service was polite and nice.

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