The happiness quotient has been high this week. It’s my last week at my current workplace, and that isn’t the reason it’s high.

It started with Monday, when we told the peers that that this Friday would be my last day. They looked bummed. One of them, quite visibly, which had me all ‘aww’ (with the thought that they cared)! Then today, as I met people from my industry and discipline at a survey planning meeting. Everybody, of course, wished me luck and one former colleague from an operating company offered to refer me to anybody who reached out to him for jobs. And that had me all ‘aww(ed)’ up, again.

It really warmed my heart to see them being proactively helpful, concerned and all. It made my day 🙂

Moving on to Indikitch, the hubster and I went there this Monday. Hearing roaring reviews from everyone, including people from India about how great their kati rolls are, I was ready to be blown away. I even went up and sat in their loft area. But that is the farthest I went, I wasn’t blown away :p

The smell of the spices as soon as I entered the place had my appetite going. We got the paneer tikka masala kati rolls for A and the biryani platter with kadai mushroom for I. The difference on the kati rolls from the other places was that it served them in a pita or naan or chalupa style wrap, a little soft, fluffy thick and hearty. They got the paneer tikka masala right, but I couldn’t understand all the hype.

What pained me more was these small portioned plastic containers that they used to store the vegetables for each order. I gather they might not be reusing those. Which would mean so much wastage, addition to carbon footprint and what not! Why not have normal kitchen containers to take them / serve them out of?

And then, the biryani wasn’t biryani technically, we thought. It was really saffron rice tossed in biryani masala. But not that much on point. The kadai mushroom was good on taste, but cold. Not even cool. Wonder if they forgot to toss it on the griddle / pan or what? The pineapple raita served with it was a good complement. The spicy peanut chutney to go along felt a little oddly placed.

And my spicy peeps, the level 3 here spicy isn’t spicy enough. So don’t worry going for it.

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Indikitch Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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