Trattoria La Buca delle Fate

In the beautiful Tuscany that stole my heart, and those little towns, Pienza was one of the stops on the second day of exploring Tuscany. And this is where we sat for a quick lunch.

I liked the food. Ever since trying that tasty ribollita, I couldn’t not eat soups in Tuscany. Even though it wasn’t a ribollita, technically. Boy! Look at me, talking about the technicalities of ribollita.

Pictured and eaten here were the classic saltless bread, a gnocchi, greens soup and spaghetti.

Decent food, good gnocchi. I don’t think I’ve eaten bad gnocchi till date. It was kind of a rushed up lunch, since like the day before, I didn’t want to miss out in sight seeing, like I did in the charming Siena.


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