Il Latini

After a day exploring beautiful Tuscany and returning back to Florence, we headed straight to this place for dinner.

It went from being a ‘Oh, not a lot of vegetarian options’ to enough that we couldn’t finish. I’d asked for sample portions, but they ended up bringing us full ones.

Taste wise, the place didn’t impress much. Experience wise, it was a good one. We met an interesting couple from France whom we chatted with a little bit.

Goods wise, we probably lost / dropped baby K’s shoe here. Relatively close tables, carrying up the stroller one flight of stairs, settling in. A table for four, so not squeezed in. The place – relatively busy, not completely. Could’ve been that we’re early.

Food included a bunch of soups and stews, including ribollita. And ravioli. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I couldn’t leave Tuscany without eating as much ribollita as I could. At the end, I will not have had enough. You’ll see that in my posts up ahead.



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