Antica Pizzeria Port Alba

Since we’d travelled about three hours just to eat pizza at Naples, it’d only be fair to go to more than one pizza place to eat pizza.

So we did. Like the last place, this one also showed up on a few blogs and posts while looking up best lace to eat.

It was in the middle of the afternoon – like 3:30 or so. The place was quiet. I don’t remember if it was here or at another place – but they had a lot of chefs / cooks from the Indian subcontinent at the restaurants.

Probably no here, but a different place. I’ll come to come.

But here, fun things happened. It was probably a new server. The poor guy opened a bottle of wine at another guests table, keeping the bottle on the table as he opened it. And he got scolded by someone who looked like a senior server for doing that.

He served us too and we chatted with him a bit. He said he was new, a student who was working part-time.

He made us really happy by getting a generously poured glass of wine.

The pizza we tried here was stuffed pizza -something I’d read about. And this place seemed to be popular for that. It was good. By the time it came to our table, it wasn’t as hot as I’d have liked it to be. You’d think the stuffing is encased and should retain the warmth / heat, but it surprisingly wasn’t. That’s the only thing that put me off a bit. But otherwise, it was good – from the taste to the texture.


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