Dal Presidente Pizzeria

Travel time: 3+ Hours

Start at Amalfi. Take a bus to Sorrento. Take a train to Naples. Walk a bit. Only a foodie would do that, right? The place was big. The pizza was great. But did not change my life.

I might have repeated this earlier, I will say it again, New York City has spoilt us rotten. Everytime I ate, I was like, I’ve eaten as good food. I’ve eaten as good Italian food in New York. OK, I’ll accept, the pesto at a couple of places in Italy was packed with more flavors than I’ve eaten before, but I had my share of not-as-good-as NYC offerings in Italy as well.

My verdict on the pizza here – it was very good. But I’ve eaten as good stuff in New York.

This place is listed on a few blogs and food articles, so seemed like a no-brainer to me. The queue confirmed. It was a Sunday afternoon. And my first pick had closed for the day. Because it was 2:30 or so by the time we got there.

Yep, traveled for food.

That potato cheese fried arancini was very good. So was the pizza. And coke in that old style bottle was the perfect accompaniment.


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