Da Gemma

Would you step into a place that’s renowned for its seafood if you’re a vegetarian?

I did! I say it was because of a bit of lack of time that I didn’t get to research my restaurants as much as I would’ve wanted to. This place wound up on my list. It was well into lunch time and I didn’t want to delay further, so we just climbed in.

Yes, you really have to climb up a little flight of stairs to get up there. The outdoor seating was perfect in the beautiful sunny afternoon. The place was quiet and not busy at all.

The service wasn’t the warmest. Polite, but didn’t seem friendly. But the food was good. And the presentation, as pleasing as the weather that day!

I went for a Pisanto, a nice sweet wine. The hubster went for a local red. This was followed by some warm bread, probably made in house and a nice and tasty light and airy broccoli cheese appetizer.

Next up were a cheese soufflé, spaghetti with tomato sauce and a ravioli. Not besting any that I’ve eaten in New York, this was still one of the better ones in I got to eat in Italy.

The spaghetti was simple and classic.

The baby was in a playful mood and didn’t want to be contained so the hubster got to grumbling as usual. Which meant skipping dessert.

Other than the little tiff over what’s the right way to handle a baby, it was a good meal.

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