Bar El Comercio

Churros and hot chocolate.  You’re supposed to eat it, when you’re in Spain 🙂

I looked up a few popular places the previous evening.  This was one of them.  While walking back to our airbnb location the previous night I saw this.  And so, this place was decided for breakfast this morning.  This is November 2015.

Rich and thick hot chocolate, perfectly sweet, not excessively.  Crisp, fresh fried churros with them.  It’s the other way to eat them, I believe, but we guzzled two cups of that hot chocolate with the churros plate.  It was a rich breakfast 🙂

In general, the churros that we get here (in NYC, I mean), is more thick, doughnut like, sweet and dusted with sugar.  What we had here (in Spain at Bar El Comercio) was thin, crisp, not sprinkled with any sugar and relatively bland by itself.

It didn’t particularly change my life, but the place was bustling, which gave me confidence that I came to the right one.

If I’ll be honest, I liked the hot chocolate more than these churros themselves.  From what I understand, these were the Andalusian version of churros, called tejeringos or calentitos.



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