Café A Brasileira

Café A Brasileira is one of the older cafes in the Chiado neighborhood. The area is hustling and bustling – it was all lively when we went there on the Saturday of November 14.

Live music, some entertainers and what not.




So if I read something about food/drinks at a couple of places, I’ll want to give it a shot. Even though I might not be convinced, I’ll give it a shot. That’s what I kind of did here. Or forced my husband to.

I’d fleetingly read about this place and Pastelaria Benard and neither failed to impress me much, but at least A Brasileira looked grand. The place was supposedly opened to buy and sell Brazilian coffee, probably a rarity in those days here.

Between baby K sleeping and us getting tired and all, we half-heartedly sat outside. Then, baby K woke up and I learnt that the Benetton store was having a party to launch it’s new collection – so in I went there with baby K, leaving the hubster all by himself.
He got the Mazagran, essentially cold iced coffee, supposedly originating from Algeria. Interesting! Portugese version could served them with lemon and rum. This one was plain and unsweetened.

While I didn’t taste it, the hubster mentioned that it was almost like a cold espresso shot.

Would you give it a shot?

Oh, and by the way, had it not been for the long tiring day before us and all, I would’ve probably enjoyed a pastry or something, with the coffee here, instead of hopping in to the store to entertain baby K a bit, and myself a bit 🙂


Stay connected for the video of the live performance here on my other blog –, which will also briefly detail my trip 🙂

A Brasileira Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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