Gudvangen Fjordtell

After good food through Scandinavia, this was the beginning of burgers and pizzas, for the remainder of our trip, say 2 days.

We arrived at Gudvangen from Voss via bus.  We’d travelled to Voss from Evanger earlier that morning.  This roundabout could have been saved and we could have taken the bus directly from Evanger, but for these friends we were travelling with.  The day before yesterday of this day, there was a landslide and our host from Airbnb told us that the buses weren’t running.

None of us checked it that morning and just went ahead to take the train.

Anyway, we got here around 2:00, walked a bit, took some photos and were slated to take the ferry from here.

Hungry that we were, and not knowing what the next stops had in store for us, we munched on this vegetarian chickpea burger, which wasn’t a disappointment.


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