Libretto’s Pizzeria

The last Friday, March 27th, A messaged me that he could join me for lunch.

I wasn’t too keen on lunching that day as I have been munching on junk for the past week, mindlessly.  I thought I’ll cleanse my body that day until dinner, and after breakfast.  Well, that’s as long as I can go without food, and call it cleansing still 😉

The hubster didn’t have a place in mind, so we were pretty much wandering, when I asked him if he wanted to go to Bareburger.  He said yes, we started walking to there, and then he got annoyed at all the stoplights while walking and decided to stop by this place a couple of blocks before Bareburger.  Also, pizza was his first preference for that day.

So we entered.  And sat.  And ordered.  And ate.  The pizza – not bad.  Liberal amount of the vegetable spread on the pizza.  Decent crust, thin and crisp.

While we were eating, this old gentleman, probably in his eighties, I’d guess, walked in to the restaurant, very slowly with his walker.  He knew exactly what he wanted – to eat, got a soda, salad and probably a chicken entree lunch special.  He ordered that as he came in.  He was slouching a lot, I guess because of age.  But he sat, by himself.  It took him a good few minutes from the time he came to park his walker by his table to sit down.  He ate, fairly well.  His hands were shaking a bit  Again, I guess with age.

All this, I observed as I couldn’t help looking towards him.  It made me very sad.  I don’t know why.  I don’t cry easily, but that whole situation just made my eyes moist.  I was thinking about the possible reasons why he would’ve come alone?  No partner (read wife)?  No family?  No friends?  But me, being the positive always me, thought maybe he has them all.  Maybe he loves food.  Maybe, he loves to live 🙂

And then, I was picturing myself like him, going out and dining if I’m that old 🙂

Well, I’ll be honest, I’m 31 and would NOT want to live until I’m that old, but if I do, I want to be dancing and prancing and eating and traveling and be happy and healthy 🙂

Cheers to life!


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Libretto's Pizzeria


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