La Grenouille

This was kind of a last minute solution for an anniversary meal with the hubster without any baggage, read MIL 😉

Well, I’m just being mean there. So ours being a relatively conservative Marwadi family, I couldn’t see how I could tell my husband that him and I could go out for dinner while the MIL takes care of baby K. The hubster was at work, and I was still on maternity. So, I thought why not join him for lunch. That took care of not having to say anything to the MIL, besides telling her that I was meeting A for lunch and avoided any awkwardness 🙂

A simplistically pretty place with their beautiful flower bouquets. Food, good, not to die for. But we had one nice celebratory 7th wedding anniversary lunch 🙂

This was July 2014.








La Grenouille on Urbanspoon
La Grenouille


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