Second week of January, I visited Hakkasan with S. As has been the case with so many of my restaurants, this has been on my to-go list for a very long time. With the pregnancy and then baby K, this didn’t happen. Also, for reasons that I was wanting this place to fall in my laps. Which it did, in January.

We tried a whole array of vegetarian options and were so happy with them all. Those pretty lettuce leaves were fresh and the flavor packed stuffing only made it more exciting. The dim sum was brilliant, as good as dim sum go go. Or better, if I may say. The vegetarian chicken, was too good, again – one of the better soy based dishes I’ve eaten, including the ones at proper vegan places. The tofu and aubergine and mushrooms were just too soft and fresh. Well, not the mushrooms, but the tofu was super soft. This dish was subtly flavored. The hakka noodles were a good side. The only thing that disappointed a bit was the bread pudding. Too busy and nothing packed punch. It looked pretty as a terrarium, in its defense, though.

A definite visit, and I’ll ask you to try all that I did, just give a different dessert a shot and tell me your thoughts!









Hakkasan on Urbanspoon

Hakkasan New York


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