Pretty decent Indian fare but one friend showed a little smallness (for the lack of a better word) that evening on the hubster’s birthday.  A nice, almost impromptu plan for a dinner with friends, otherwise.  The hub would prefer to eat Indian food any day, so after reserving a New Zealand/ Australian place, then canceling it, then going for a reservation at a French place, then canceling it, I finally decided on this place of which we had read of quite a while ago.  The while ago might have been when it was Michelin rated.

A very friendly service right from our hosts to our servers to the chef.  The host (restaurateur) Suneel Devgan asked me to point out who the birthday boy was and I replied saying it was going to be the handsomest one on the table 😀

This, of course, was them inferring from our conversation, we didn’t tell them it was a birthday, so +1 for them right there.

Our dinner/ conversation lasted for almost three hours with talks that went from here to there and the food clicked below.

The chef later came out and wished the birthday boy, personally.  Again, another +.  It’s how you make people feel that counts 🙂

I am sure they made the birthday boy feel good 🙂

Chili cheese toast bite

Tandoori tofu

Achaari paneer

Soy spinach patties

Mushroom poriyal

Kadhi pakoda (Fritters in spiced yogurt sauce)

Paneer – creamy tomato based cottage cheese

Spiced eggplant

Jackfruit biryani

Shahi tukra

Chocolate samosa

Mango cheesecake

Tulsi on Urbanspoon


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