Toloache 82

This was supposed to be Sw’s treat to me, but Sa&An decided to join us, so we ended up here instead of Ai Fiori.
Sa didn’t drink that day and An didn’t eat non-vegetarian food that day. Sw, who can never have only one drink had just one (was he being conscious since he thought he’d pick up the tab) and Sw, who will almost always order a non-vegetarian plate decided to be vegetarian. Don’t want to judge, but still.

We had a nice evening this Tuesday, when we did not make any reservations but showed up in a timely fashion there. The place was very colorful and lively, way more than my expectations and relatively more modern than their midtown location. They apparently had a garden seating as well. The place was very loud, and mostly females. There was a big group celebrating their friend’s 40th.

The food wasn’t swell, but the place was quite good, and I’d recommend it.

From the vegetarian menu
Guacamole Trio ****

Quesadilla ***.5

Enchiladas ***

Quinoa paella ***

Cactus tacos ***.5

Dessert tasting with two flans for the family that loved them ***

Some more dessert since we could not get enough in the first place – the crepes **

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