A vegetarian friendly Cuban place that could accommodate us on a Saturday evening without a reservation is reason enough to not complain, right?

The food was not at all disappointing. Neither was the service. Nor the wines or the mojito. It was a fun evening; other than the fact that these two friends discounted me for being drunk on only my second glass of wine and started gossiping about me indirectly while having the nerve to glance at me in the eyes. Was it just the alcohol or that they thought I couldn’t decipher their conversation?

Not that I wasn’t aware that these two are big gossipers, but the fact that they were talking in front of me about me assuming I wouldn’t get it?  Guess who was being naive there!

These two friends fell flat badly on both – showing some respect to a person and alcohol. It’s not the first time I’ve seen them do that but this was just a confirmation of my notions about them.  I am not oblivious to their actions.  They want to be polite to you up front and not speak their actual mind, but do that after all is said and done?

I know my rant is a little long winded and I haven’t spoken about the food at all, but I promise I’ll finish it. In the future, when I will read this post, I’m sure going to feel how immature I was!  Even though, at that point (in the past), I might’ve thought that I’m the most mature person I know of :p

Well, that part might be true.  As even the others might’ve matured only with time.

The food – we ordered virtually every vegetarian option in their menu.

Mariquitas ***
plantain chips, guacamole and black bean hummus. The chips and the dips were a bit light on salt.

Torta de Frijoles ***.5
black bean dumplings – more like fried mini patties.

Croquetas de Hongo ***
wild mushroom, piquillo sauce

Yuca Frita ****
A new twist on the yuca fries, doused with garlic.

Queso de Cabra ****
spiced walnut, goat cheese, mixed greens, apples, sherry vinaigrette

Vegetarian burger *** – similar to the black bean dumplings

Vegeteriano Platos Fuertes **
Light on salt, so the spices didn’t come out
congri rice, squash, zucchini, onions, tomatoes, piquillo sauce


Tres Leches ***

Cuban Cigar *
The cigars were where they put all their salt!

The chocolate cake (mousse with cake) **.5

Salud! to a good evening.

Agozar! on Urbanspoon

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