I see glamor on plates all around me as I order and wait for my lunch.

Quite soon, my plate of happiness arrives 🙂

New to their menu, the Penang Kway tiao flat and wide rice noodles were well done, subtly tossed in sauces. The flat soy fish cakes were the highlight. I like them so much that I think I probably order the Vietnamese noodles at Gobo only for them. Well for them and the five spice tofu rolls. Coming back, the soy shrimp and a nice and soft but crunchy texture, more fibrous. The carrots where thinly sliced, as good as shaved. The dish was served hot.

Try it. ***


Kimchi on the side

I was done halfway through, but didn’t want to stop and ended up eating it all.

Well, don’t judge me. I know we won’t be going out for dinner this Friday evening because we have to take care of our home after the painters. Justified?! 😉

Franchia on Urbanspoon

Franchia on Foodio54


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