Probably a big tighter in terms of space in the front area, but equally red.

The rosalita drink stole the show with silver tequila, hibiscus, orange liquor & lime juice presented in a glass with hibiscus rim.

Guacamole ***.5
Fresh. Hot sauce – hot.

Tlacoyo ***.5
Black bean masa “boat” spring pea spread, sautéed mushrooms, salsa verde, salsa chipotle, queso fresco and crema. This Mexcian style flat bread bursted with flavours, the black bean dough did wonders.


Chili Releno ***.5
Different from the usual cheese/ egg based, this was one tasty and healthy dig, laid on tomato sauce and stuffed with spinach.

Enchilada ***.5
As good as the Park Slope location, probably, but enjoyed it less this time around.

Budin De Banana ***
Warm brioche and banana bread pudding served with caramelized bananas, guava and cajeta sauce. It was good, but Scarpetta does the guava sauce like no one else, yet.

Morenitas **.5
Bitter-sweet chocolate brownie with cajeta sauce and fresh made whipped cream

Fonda on Urbanspoon

Fonda on Urbanspoon


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