This Murray Hill spot is supposedly the Nutella french toast place. The look – straight off a fun postcard or greeting.


We were told the wait might be an hour and 30 minutes. We decided to stick around, well, more like I decided to stick around and impose myself on the H and the friend. My dedication was rewarded by a highly reduced waiting time.

Fresh squeezed juices – orange and grapefruit.

Vegetable burger **
Dry! The pesto was good, though and I requested a side extra.

We worried our server when after ordering an entree per person, we ordered a french toast to share. ***.5

Then, a red velvet cake. ***

Then, we watched her jaw drop when we requested three cupcakes. And then her throaty laughter when we told her that we were only kidding.

Highly rated, yet relatively reasonably priced, the place is worth a visit.


Penelope on Urbanspoon

Penelope Cafe on Foodio54


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