Don Antonia by Starita

Fried pizza. Neapolitan pizza. The pizza guru Roberto Caporuscio and his guru Antonio Starita do it great at this simple Hell’s Kitchen location.

Montanara Starita ****
Lightly fried, amazing signature Starita tomato sauce and smoked buffalo mozzarella baked to perfection in wood oven.

Noci & Porcini **.5
Cream of walnut, porcini mushrooms, pecorino romano cheese and basil.


Regina Margherita ***
With grape tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basil.

Angioletti Nutella ***
Fried pizza dough pieces generously loaded with nutella. Bomb!



Overall, EAT+ especially for the Montanara Starita. And did I mention good wines?

Cin Cin! (Formal cheers in Italian)

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