Urban Pl8

Random find.  From finding Nan Dining closed to being aware that Bacchanalia is the top Atlanta restaurant to learning that Betsy Pitts from Bacchanalia is the brains behind the food here to the the place not being very far to finally coming here.

Eclectic food!

The best kale I’ve ever had. The best vegetarian burger patty I’ve ever had. A brilliant chocolate coconut cake I had.
Great location and setting.  Good for brunch so that you can enjoy the sun.

Spiced black bean cake (vegetarian patty) topped with onions and tomatoes, side of sweet potatoes and kale that was absolutely not bitter, not over cooked not under cooked, not difficult to eat and a little sweet.

Vegetarian burger – same patty, side of salad with tangy dressing.

Chocolate cake with touch of coconut was too good to.

I heard of Paleo diet for the first time here. That is short for Paleolithic diet – emphasizing natural and wholesome foods – either plants or animal based.

The area seemed very posh, as we drove through. And the location was wide and open. And urban, as was the food.

Must must must! ****


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