Entrance ****
No big board or number. Easy to miss, unless you’ve seen a picture. Or you know Apotheke is right next to it 🙂


Decor *****
Very sexy. My impressions were WoW! For the dining area as well as the bar area.



Music ****
Loud. Good. Even in the dining area.

Drinks ***.5
Tamarindo & Pomegranate Lime

Salsa de la casa ****
Meaning salsas of the house

Guacamole de la dia ***
Pricey, but good.

Sikil pak ****
Pumpkin seed dip – flavourful.

Tacos **
Not that impressed

Enchiladas de martinez *
Other than an abundance of vegetables, bad. The sauce was not good at all.

Warm Bread Pudding *
The pound cake/ bread cake was alright by itself but the warm melted ice-cream beneath it was a disaster. Or I am not sure if it was an icecream that melted by the time our server got it to us.


My words – go for drinks and appetizers. And the ambiance, definitely. Skip the mains. And the desserts.

*** – for the decor, offsetting the food.


Pulqueria on Urbanspoon

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