BLT Burger

Was carving Mexican food, in spite of eating it just last evening but settled for a falafel bowl at this burger place instead. Not as crowded for a Saturday evening and since I am by myself, I got myself seated at the bar. It’s 8 pm and I am the only one at the bar. This is the first for me ever, in NYC at 8.

I don’t know if it was written on my face but the bar tender directly asked me if I’d be interested on having a look at the food menu.

A few minutes later, my naked falafel burger arrived on a bed of hummus topped with cherry tomatoes and arugula to seed in a vinegarette.


Though the patty was a little hard, it was flavored appropriately.

A decent meal for 10 bucks, though I could’ve done with a tad more hummus – I never seem to get enough of it 🙂

Naked Falafel Burger – can try.


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