Been there. Done that. Over 40 times, I guess.

This place was only slightly off my way to NYU Astor Place where I interned for a semester – a patent lunch spot for me.

The Union Square location is the one I have frequented. And have always stuck like a barnacle to either Pad Thai or the Drunken Man Noodles. Only once did I try the black noodles there – Broad Noodles with black bean sauce. One of the best pad thai I have had in the city. Same goes for the drunken man noodles. For the appetizers, I’ve tried the green salad with peanut dressing – I love good peanut dressings, and the one here’s good. But, for the greater number of times, I’ve gone with the vegetarian dumplings.

Ignorance is bliss. I was not cognizant of the fact that more often than not, fish sauce is a constituent in the vegetarian dishes in many east Asian restaurants. Too late to catch and arrest it.

Been there with different groups of friends – with everybody liking it. Visited the East Village location once, too. No change, in terms of the food.

One specific memory I have of this place is going for a Saturday lunch with the husband, the husband gets a long island iced tea, gets high and romantic 🙂 You’d say good for me, I say.. not exactly 😉

Full of pep ambience. Easy on the pocket dinners. Even more marked down lunches.

Four stars for the food.

Vegetable dumplings



Drunken man noodles.





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