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Gramercy Tavern

At work, the our HRIS team from London was visiting that week, and those days in particular, so I could not take days off for our fifth wedding anniversary (July 2012). Hear me, I am not crazy about these hyped multiples of five celebrations. But I love to travel, and this would have been an easy chance to get away without having multiple fights with the H, as is usually the case. Am I complaining, no! :)

So, food being my other love, I decided to spend nice evenings out for fancy dinners. At the end, it turned out to be only two evenings, since we both were busy at work, and had returned only that Sunday after 5 days of a road trip with friends.

Gramercy Tavern was the first evening. What a superb place. From the decor to the bathroom to the food to the service. I was just bowled over.

We were seated in the fancy dining area – I got us reservations for 6 pm, which was such great news for me. I love early dinners. But, you can absolutely walk in to be seated at their more casual but equally gorgeous lounge area.

So began our dinner.

Complements of the house ****

Gramercy Tavern 12

Breads ****
Gramercy Tavern 13

Gramercy Tavern 14

Corn, butter, cream, grated fresh root ginger

Gramercy Tavern 15

Swet peas with goat milk yogurt

Gramercy Tavern 16

Bok choy with red beans

Gramercy Tavern 17

Flat fresh white beans with squash puree and fava beans

Gramercy Tavern 18

Spinach pasta *****
We loved it. Such simple things – tomatoes, garlic and basil done to perfection for the thin spaghetti noodles.

Gramercy Tavern 19

Gramercy Tavern 31
Gramercy Tavern 29
Gramercy Tavern 30

Gramercy Tavern 26

Warm chocolate bread pudding
Gramercy Tavern 28

Gramercy Tavern 27

Icecream on lemongrass granita

Gramercy Tavern 25

Baked muffins for breakfast next day ****

Gramercy Tavern 32

After leaving from there, we for the first time in our history of being in NYC for 5 years got touristy pictures taken in front of the Flatiron with Empire State behind us :)

Gobble Up!  Given a chance, would I visit again, yes.  Probably their tavern this time.

Gramercy Tavern 1 Gramercy Tavern 3 Gramercy Tavern 4 Gramercy Tavern 5 Gramercy Tavern 6 Gramercy Tavern 7 Gramercy Tavern 10 Gramercy Tavern 11 Gramercy Tavern 22 Gramercy Tavern 23 Gramercy Tavern 24 Gramercy Tavern 33 Gramercy Tavern 34

Gramercy Tavern on Urbanspoon

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