Good Enough To Eat

What started as a beautiful day turned out to be a depressing one.  I’ll begin with the depressing story towards the close of the day so that we end on a happy note here :)

So, after a lot of times having entertained R&A at our place, I gave them a call this evening once we neared home (based on A’s input) to check the status to discuss J&S#%tal’s baby shower.  1 – I am not interested in having to do anything with their shower other than attending since I find S#%tal the most ungrateful person in the group.  Leave aside her other annoying traits of being a miss-know-it-all and not friendly and rude and just a talk the talk person.  2 – R&A have been entertained by us plenty.  So, when I called, I on purposed asked if we could go over to their place to discuss the shower games.  They, as expected, declined.  I’ll give them a benefit that they moved to their new rental last week, but that does not justify this, but still.  So, they end up telling us that they’ll come to our place.  Fine.

They come to our place.  8PM.  Hungry.  Wanting to go out.  I didn’t want to, the hubs was ready so I suggested that the three of them should continue.  I didn’t want to – because – I am preggers and ate out in the morning so wanted to eat at home in the evening.  I am not a say-no-to-eat-out, otherwise.  Trying to be nice and polite, they said, never mind, we’ll stay at home.  Then, this R&A’s A started pestering.  I am hungry atleast 5 times to the hubster.  He put up rice and dal for khichdi in the pressure cooker.  I was unaware that it was not enough for 4.  But this A was starting to get on my nerves.  I am hungry.  Give me this.  Give me that.  Why aren’t you ordering?  I am OK for anything.  They come from downstairs.  They know that the samosas are good.  They know that the sandwiches are good.  A wants to eat it every single time, yet they will never ever get it themselves before they come up.  More often than it, those are good dinner or lunch times.  Then she pesters my hub to go down and get it, along with her husband.  This might sound stupid but it irritates me to no end.  There’s more to it.

So, last night, after herself getting irritated and being no help towards deciding the games (just saying this is horrible, that won’t be nice to each of our suggestions), she started this hungry and get me this and that.  She had two requests for food items, in addition to what the hub cooked at home.  After so much display of her crankiness and pestering behavior, she ended up eating just a quarter of what she ordered.  And this wasn’t a huge portion, trust me.  Of course, she didn’t end up touching the second choice she had her husband to get.  Such immaturity.

And my hub wanting to be the good boy in front of everybody, will always want to volunteer to go down and get it, leaving all things he has to do otherwise, aside, in relation to attending and entertaining these people.  Once or twice, I understand.  And I understand if we’ve invited them.  But if they’ve virtually invited themselves, is it wrong for the hub to ask them to go get what they want from downstairs themselves?

When I tried explaining that I was angry, after the guests left, to the hubster, he got furious on me and called me being cheap.  We argued more, fought, and I went to bed, crying!

That was not the note I started my day on.  I started bright and early.  Having seen and heard of the wait lines for Good Enough To Eat, we decided to get there by 11 at the very latest.  We did well, by getting in the city by 9:50, picking up these two friends Sw and Sa and then crossing Central Park to reach the place by about 10:40.  We had to wait about 20 minutes before we were seated.

How I would have loved to have a bourbon hot chocolate on this cold day, but had to do with fresh OJ, instead.  They had a vegan tofu scramble, that I ordered.  This was the second place that I’ve eaten a tofu scramble.  They spice it up, but whatever they do, it ends up turning bitter.  This was my experience at both the places.  Very Indianized, but better than having a sandwich.

The place is renowned for it’s buttermilk biscuits and fruit flavoured butters.  The biscuits were good, better than what I’ve had at a lot of places, but the butters for to be just devoured!  The strawberry one, especially, though I was counting on the orange butter to be better.

The four of us got our entrees each and pancakes to share.  Well, the three of them did.  I saved room for some of the cake.  Since I was the only one saving for dessert, we ordered just the coconut cake to share.  I was a big solid yummy and satisfying piece.





Over the course of our breakfast/brunch, we had nice conversations about politics, sports and stocks.

The strawberry butter and the coconut cake were the only better than good things I tried.

Not sure if it was the cold weather or the cloudy day devoid of any sunshine that we did not see unusually long lines outside the place.

This gentleman however made the cold wait a tad more bearable with the hot green tea spiced, sweetened and touched with lemon.


Winding up from there, we went to Sa’s place to say hi to Sa&An’s An.  Met S&M who were meeting other friends for brunch and got home by around 5.

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