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Apotheke in Greek means storehouse.  Apothecary has come to mean a drugstore.

In Chinatown, you’ve got a classy ware house.

Apotheke 1

Apotheke 4

Apotheke 6

One stop shop to alleviate your pain, elevate your beauty, pacify your stress, step up your eupepsia, and debaucher away.

Absinthe *****

Apotheke 2

Fire of Valhalla **** Served warm

Apotheke 15

Cheese Plate **

Apotheke 10

Hummus Plate ***

Apotheke 9.1

Overall, gobble up! ***** For the vibe!

Apothéke on Urbanspoon

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* Graze
** Nibble
*** Eat
**** Devour
***** Gobble up


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